“If ‘world making’ is the principal function of mind, then social reality does not just ‘happen’ in the world but is contructed from the way our private beliefs and intentions merge with those of others. A world view in this sense is not something found ‘out there,’ but is something individuals contruct and create...The source of creativity in society is the person.”
—Suzi Gablik


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Artist / Founder

Stephanie Carranza is a Mexican-Native American self-taught multidisciplinary artist with a passion for folkloric rooted visions; community-building-openness, contact, and wholeness; content creation, shape-shifting from objects to relationships. Through her heritage, lived experiences, and observations on the erasure of Indigenous cultures, Carranza has developed a critical reflection on cultural development through the prism of inquiries such as collective and individual consciousness, echoing animist thought. These experiences along with her professional background as a fashion photographer/filmmaker, and teacher in Paris is what propels her on this current mission to offer integrated services that not only give back to the community, but also regenerate and pay reverence to nature.