Æther Studio + ESME Sudria

In 2021, Æther Studio partnered with the language department at ESME Sudria engineering school in Paris to improve engineering education. The joint project worked to achieve this by developing the inter-intrapersonal competencies and skills of students and staff to meet new ecological and socio-economic indicators today.

For one term, second-year international track students began by discovering a critical, innovative, and integrated approach to engineering and design. In co-creation with Professor Curtis Young and Stephanie Carranza, the course, entitled Critical Thinkers, was divided into a two-part series. The first part of the course, taught by Young, focused on theory, whereby students embarked on a journey through language and how it is deployed. The second part of this course, taught by Carranza, is inspired by Ilexa Yardley and Brian Josephson’s The Circular Theory, exploring the universal relationship patterns between Science and Engineering through the lens of Art and Design.

More info coming soon…