Æther Studio is a hybrid space (onsite/online) based in Paris and the south of France.

Æther Studio envisions creating augmented knowledge knots: meta-communities of interwoven-transdisciplinary-approaches in experimental knowledge production and sharing in the realm of academia, industry and citizen science.

In response to the need for cultural security and renewal due to the impact globalization and industrialization has on cultural heritage, Æther Studio exists at the intersection of art, science, and technology to push beyond the frontiers of human perception for developing new paradigms in (re)search and service to nature.

Our mission is to facilitate cyclical systems of regenerative actions that are rooted in Indigenous wisdom and science. By decoding the patterns of interconnectedness that tribal communities maintain and transmit globally, Æther Studio unites people from all lineages into a progressive space to interact, self-develop, and shift boundaries for future generations.

Æther Studio aims at integrative—synchronistic—processes, collaborating with individuals, educators, and initiatives that embody the next piece of vital information needed to expand ideas and ways in which to improve restorative practices that are spontaneous, willfull, holistic, and ecologically sustainable. Thus, Æther Studio bridges gaps in all sectors, which impact social, economic, ecological, and metaphysical domains.