Æther Studio


Æther Studio is a hybrid space (onsite/online) based in France.

Æther Studio envisions creating augmented knowledge knots: meta-communities of interwoven-transdisciplinary-approaches in experimental knowledge production and sharing in service to nature.

Æther Studio exists at the intersection of art, science, design and engineering to push beyond the frontiers of human perception for developing new paradigms in (re)search and service in the realm of academia, industry and citizen science.

Our mission is to facilitate willful regenerative change based on systems biology by creating space for women to move boundries, bridging all sectors that impact social, economic, ecological and metaphysical domains.

Founder & Facilitator

Stephanie Carranza


Stephanie Carranza
Multidisciplinary artist, Founder & Facilitator of Æther Studio

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Open Call

Æther Studio seeks local and transnational partnerships to
host / promote / co-create workshops, roundtables, residencies, exhibitions and more with people who share a common vision for the preservation and development of cultures and our natural environment on earth and beyond.

Æther Studio is interested in exploring the nature of vibration, frequency and energy.

This is an on-going invitation open to anyone who feels called to propose project(s)that address the importance of working in collaborative contexts, expanding human consciousness based on integrated systems.

Propose a project  ︎︎︎  projects@aetherstudio.org

Æther Studio + ESME Sudria

Æther Studio is pleased to announce its partnership with the language department at ESME Sudria engineering school in Paris to improve engineering education. The joint project plans to achieve this by developing inter-intrapersonal competencies / skills of students and staff to meet new ecological and socio-economic indicators today.

For this 2021-2022 term, second year International track students start by discovering a critical, innovative and integrated approach to engineering and design. The course, Critical Thinkers, is divided into a two-part series; the first part is theoretical, whereby students embark on a journey through language and how it is deployed. Inspired by Ilexa Yardley and Brian Josephson’s The Circular Theory, the second part of this course explores the universal relationship pattern between Science and Engineering through the lens of Art and Design.

More info coming soon…