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“If ‘world making’ is the principal function of mind, then social reality does not just ‘happen’ in the world but is contructed from the way our private beliefs and intentions merge with those of others. A world view in this sense is not something found ‘out there,’ but is something individuals contruct and create...The source of creativity in society is the person.”
—Suzi Gablik


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Artist / Founder

Stephanie Carranza is a Mexican-Native American self-taught multidisciplinary artist of Apache and Comanche ancestry with a passion for folkloric rooted visions; community-building-openness, contact, and wholeness; content creation, shape-shifting from objects to relationships. Through her heritage, lived experiences, and observations on the erasure of Indigenous cultures, Carranza has developed a critical reflection on cultural development through the prism of inquiries such as collective and individual consciousness, echoing animist thought. These experiences along with her professional background as a fashion photographer/filmmaker, and teacher in Paris is what propels her on this current mission to offer integrated services that not only give back to the community, but also regenerate and pay reverence to nature.

Æther Studio is a hybrid space (onsite/online) based in Paris and the south of France.

Æther Studio envisions creating augmented knowledge knots: meta-communities of interwoven-transdisciplinary-approaches in experimental knowledge production and sharing in the realm of academia, industry and citizen science.

In response to the need for cultural security and renewal due to the impact globalization and industrialization has on cultural heritage, Æther Studio exists at the intersection of art, science, and technology to push beyond the frontiers of human perception for developing new paradigms in (re)search and service to nature.

Our mission is to facilitate cyclical systems of regenerative actions that are rooted in Indigenous wisdom and science. By decoding the patterns of interconnectedness that tribal communities maintain and transmit globally, Æther Studio unites people from all lineages into a progressive space to interact, self-develop, and shift boundaries for future generations.

Æther Studio aims at integrative—synchronistic—processes, collaborating with individuals, educators, and initiatives that embody the next piece of vital information needed to expand ideas and ways in which to improve restorative practices that are spontaneous, willfull, holistic, and ecologically sustainable. Thus, Æther Studio bridges gaps in all sectors, which impact social, economic, ecological, and metaphysical domains.

Open Call

Æther Studio seeks local and transnational project proposals and partnerships to host, promote, and/or co-create workshops, roundtables, residencies, exhibitions to reformulate its meaning and purpose beyond the traditional residency and gallery organization.

Æther Studio is interested in exploring themes such as the nature of human consciousness, vibration, frequency, energy, and even spiritual development.

This initiative is an on-going invitation open to anyone who feels called to collaborate with us, working towards reframing the modern world-view and its assumptions to forecast the next step in society, through participatory, socially interactive frameworks for active and practical dialogue with our environment.

Æther Studio supports the development and production of critical projects that address the dynamics of transforming personal and cultural myths, plus the relationship between personal creativity and social responsibility through conscious activism.


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In 2021, Æther Studio partnered with the language department at ESME Sudria engineering school in Paris to improve engineering education. The joint project worked to achieve this by developing the inter-intrapersonal competencies and skills of students to meet new ecological and socio-economic indicators today.

During twelve sessions, students discovered a critical, innovative, and integrated approach to engineering and design. In collaboration with professor Curtis Young, Stephanie Carranza co-designed the course, entitled Critical Thinkers, which was divided into a two-part series. The first part of the course, taught by Young, focused on theory, whereby students embarked on a journey through language and how it is deployed. The second part of this course, taught by Carranza, was inspired by Ilexa Yardley and Brian Josephson’s The Circular Theory, exploring the universal relationship patterns between Science and Engineering through the lens of Art and Design.

Practical info

The research and cultural space, Æther Studio, is situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrénées mountains, 21km from Narbonne city, in the south of France. In this phase of development (2022-2023), we are capable of hosting individual participants, or one couple (partners), one week each month during the year; children accompanied by their parents are also welcome.

If you are interested in collaborating onsite/online, or simply want more information, please send us an email to further inquire.


Stephanie Carranza
Founder & Facilitator of Æther Studio